Lexus Engine Tune Up 

Engine Tune-Ups at Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon

Motorists and technicians tend to define engine tune-ups now as routine maintenance and service on engines; a clean bill of health for your car, if you will. The phrase "tune-up" historically referred to the process of "tuning" an engine which, like a piano, involved measuring its power and decibel output and adjusting parts accordingly to ensure it hit proper numbers. While the advent of electronic ignition systems rendered the process of engine tuning obsolete, for the most part, we still recommend a routine tune-up to ensure your Lexus engine continues to run properly with proper fuel economy and zero emissions. Schedule an engine tune-up today here at Larry H. Miller Lexus of Lindon in Lindon, UT.

How Often do I Need an Engine Tune-Up?

As most modern cars, including Lexus models, use electronics in their injection systems, they can monitor and keep themselves in-tune for a while longer without requiring a tune-up. However, we would still recommend scheduling one every so often between 25,000 and 100,000 miles as many engine components start to deteriorate around these times.

What Typically Happens in Tune-Ups Now?

In a modern engine tune-up, our technicians inspect your engine inside and out to ensure everything works properly for your Lexus to hit its maximum revolutions per minute (rpm), torque output, and horsepower. If our technicians see any outdated, worn-down, or broken parts, they will swap them out with genuine Lexus components, the most compatible with your engine.

What are Some Signs my Engine Might Need a Tune-Up?

One of the biggest signs of a need for engine tuning comes from a diminished ability for your Lexus to meet its proper horsepower or torque. If you feel your engine become more sluggish or lethargic when accelerating, or even unresponsive when cold cranking, you should schedule a tune-up immediately. Other signs of engine troubles might present themselves through diminished fuel economy, increased tailpipe emissions, and a persistent smell of fuel in the car itself.

Schedule a Tune-Up Today

An engine tune-up represents one of the most basic services of attention you can give your Lexus and its powertrain. Schedule an engine tune-up today here at Larry H. Miler Lexus of Lindon!


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